The right use for each nozzle!

ASJ - production nozzles

ASJ was established relying on the experience gained by two companies leader on the spraying market. ASJ nozzles are suitable for many farm jobs and come with a wide range of accessories to meet highly demanding requirements.

The are several parameter that characterize the nozzles:

  • the shape of the spray: full cone nozzles, hollow cone nozzles, flat fan nozzles, deflector nozzles
  • spraying angle
  • the construction material: acetalic resin or ceramic
  • drops dimentions
  • the kind of treatments they are suitable for

Eima International 2020

We are present at Eima International 2020

EIMA 2020

Eima International 2020

ASJ Nozzle - Production nozzles

News of Nozzle!

ASJ - production hollow cone nozzle, fan low drift nozzles

ASJ offers the new nozzles of hollow cone nozzle, fan low drift nozzles, special nozzles!


To order Blister packaging

ASJ nozzles - Blister type nozzles

ASJ nozzles come in blisters for display units in point of sales. To order add "Blister type" at
the end of nozzle code.