Certified nozzles

ENTAM, established in 1997 after the agreement signed by Italian ENAMA, German DLG and Austrian BLT testing institutes, is the European network for testing agricultural machines and their installed components.

Apart from the above mentioned certification bodies-ENAMA, BLT and DLG– also Danish AU and DAE, IRSTEA, German JKI and KWF, Greek N.AG.RE.F, Hungarian MGI, Polish PIMR, Spanish CMA and EMA/CENTER and Swiss ART are ENTAM members.

If a product is certified by ENTAM, it is automatically certified by all other institutes and therefore its quality and reliability is certified on the whole European territory. ENTAM certification will be shortly extended to other continents as well.

ENAMA is among ENTAM official members and performs most accurate and strict tests in Italy. ASJ has decided to have their top nozzles certified so to ensure ultimate accuracy as well as performance and useful like.

ASJ Nozzle - Certificazione ugelli ENAMA
ASJ Nozzle - Certificazione ugelli ENTAM
ASJ Nozzle - Certificazione ugelli ZNT
ASJ Nozzle - Certificazione ugelli JKI
ASJ Nozzle - Certificazione ugelli IRSTEA

Fan nozzles traditional

Fan low drift nozzles

Low drift nozzles

Hollow cone nozzle