Insights flood nozzles

Insights flood nozzles

Insights flood nozzles

Flood nozzles consist of a straight duct which forces the fluid to heavily hit an opposite surface duly inclined to nozzle hole (flood plate).

Once the fluid has been sprayed out, it hits the flood surface taking the shape of a rather wide and flat fan. Operating pressure is quite low and drops are big-medium sized.


Spraying diagram

Very low spraying pressures produce big-medium sized drops (400 to 100 μm) and a very small amount of thinner droplets. Given the width of the spraying angle, these nozzles can be installed on spraying booms, but compared to 110° fan nozzles, the distance between them can be greater (0.5 ÷ 1.5m). Even working height depends on applied spraying angle, as a 10% overlapping between two adjacent nozzles is required for a smooth spraying.


Correct height of flood nozzles from the target (h).