Insights nozzle PWM

Insights nozzle PWM

Nozzle PWM - Insights

The needs of farmers from different parts of the world and the increasing environment sensitivity has pushed us to develop new technologies and distribution methods to increase the efficiency of the plant protection product itself.

Many phytosanitary products report on the label different standards to follow: among the various operational parameters to be used to optimize the distribution there’s also the size of the drops to be used. For this reason, users dealing with distribution are increasingly becoming familalir with PWM, such a technology that allows to vary the volume of distribution without changing the working pressure and therefore the size of the drops produced.

In order to meet this new requirement, we have grouped together in a dedicated section the nozzles most suitable for this type of use: Compact Fan Low Drift – Coarse, Compact Fan Low Drift – Extra Coarse (specifically designed for use with PWM systems) and the Twin Fan Low Drift family already present in our catalogue.

The internal conformation of the nozzle allows it to be used with a Duty cycle varying from 20% to 100% without any repercussions on distribution quality. The two-part construction allows easy disassembly for cleaning.