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New APP functionality

The ASJ NOZZLE configurator helps you find the right nozzle according to your application needs.

The App allows you to select the unit and action you are interested in: boom spraying, orchard spraying, knapsack spraying and liquid fertilisation.
Through a basic or advanced search, the app returns a list of nozzles in line with the work data entered.

Boom spraying: distribution volume, speed, distance between nozzles, pressure range, materials, spray pattern, PWM or SPOT SPRAYING use and droplet size.
Orchard spraying: distribution volume, speed, inter-row width, number of nozzles per side, pressure interval, materials, spray pattern and droplet size.
Knapsack spraying: distribution volume, speed, working width, pressure range and droplet size.

Liquid fertilisation: distribution volume, speed, distance between nozzles.


NEW FUNCTIONALITY: How to turn your smartphone into a leaf coverage meter in a few simple steps.
Place the water-sensitive paper in the field, carry out a treatment by spraying ONLY water and photograph the water-sensitive paper with your smartphone.

The photograph can be taken directly from the app or selected from the internal memory; after selecting the area to be analysed, the percentage of coverage detected will appear.
The measurement report, which also includes the GPS position at the time of processing, can then be saved as a pdf file.

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